Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yoga For: Sleep

Doing Yoga before bed is one of the best ways to make sure you are relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep. Today we will go through a few poses that will help you relieve stress and tightness after a long day.
Our first pose is Downward facing Dog. You want to have you feet about hip distance apart and hands shoulder width apart. Reach your tailbone upward in a diagonal and hold the position for at least 5 long breaths.
Next we are going to go through Cat and Cow positions. The position above is Cat pose. Arch your back and look up and take an inhale.
After you inhale in Cat pose you exhale and round your spine to come into Cow pose. Then move through Cat and Cow pose 5 times inhaling into Cat and exhaling into Cow. These poses will stretch out your spine and shoulders.
The next pose is Cobra. Start by lowering your hips to the floor and lifting your chest off the ground. You want to keep your elbows slightly bent and keep your shoulder blades on your back. Hold for 5 breaths.
Next come to a seated position and bring the soles of your feet together. Unlike a normal Butterfly pose you will want to bring your feet about an arms length away from your hips.
Take an inhale and exhale your body forward over your legs. This is a great way to open up your hips, hold the pose for 5 long breaths.
After Butterfly, go ahead and lengthen your legs out in front of you for a Seated Twist. Bend your right knee into your chest and inhale your left arm up in the air, exhale and cross it over your right knee. Hold the pose for 5 breaths.
Repeat the Seated Twist on the left side. Sometimes its helpful to use the opposite hand to press into the ground to lengthen out your spine.
Our final pose will be a variation of an inversion. Bring your hands under your lower back for support and bring your legs up into the air and hold for 15 long breaths. It doesn't matter if your legs are straight or not. You can also do this pose with your legs up against the wall. This is a great pose to do for sleep because it lets all the blood flow out of your feet, so if you are on your feet all day this is a great pose to help with circulation.

Let us know if you have any yoga night routines or if you try this out!! <3


Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

Great tips! I found your website through Campfire Chic - I also run a yoga, photography, and soul nourishment website that you may enjoy www.GrowSoulBeautiful.com. We accept guest posts if you'd like to write one & promote Roots & honey.
Have a great weekend- NAMASTE!

P.S. I want to learn more about your chickens too- I'm secretly wanting to get some some day :)

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